Buying ACS custom fit products is easy; just follow these simple steps!
Buy online
1. Place your order online
Email Certificate
2. Print the ACS impression voucher we e-mail to you
Ear Impressions
3. Find your nearest ACS dealer to have your ear impressions taken. Don't forget to take your voucher!
4. We'll do the rest, so sit tight and make sure someone is available to sign for delivery

It's never been easier to buy an ACS custom product! Simply make your purchase online and you'll be e-mailed a printable voucher.

If you've bought a custom product we'll need impressions of your ears, so once you've printed your ACS voucher you will need to book an appointment to have your ear impressions taken with one of our approved ear impression takers and take your voucher with you to the appointment.

Booking Your Appointment

You can book a local appointment with one of our nationwide approved audiologists and impression takers. Simply enter your town, city or post code in the search box below to find your nearest dealer, then contact them to make an appointment. There is no extra cost for this service. Dealers highlighted with orange pins will accept the ACS Ear Impression Taking Voucher. Dealers highlighted with blue pins do not accept the voucher, however, you can purchase ACS products directly with this dealer.

Alternatively, ear impressions can be taken at our own offices in London and Banbury - Click on 'Contact Us' for details.

After Your Appointment

Depending on which dealer you use, they will either send your impressions and voucher to us, or they may ask you to send them to us yourself, and we'll take it from there. We'll let you know by e-mail that we've received your impressions, and we'll contact you again by e-mail to let you know when your completed order has been despatched. Your order will take approximately 20 working days to complete, which may vary depending on how many orders are being produced.

We scan your ear impressions and an electronic copy will remain good to use for four years, so if you want anything else from our custom product range you can order directly with us - no need for another set of ear impressions!
*Please note - ACS custom products require good deep impressions in order to create a seal in the ear, so it is important there is no obstruction, such as earwax, in the ear canal. When you attend your appointment, there may be a possibility that the impressions can’t be taken due to wax build up, which will only be apparent when the ear canal is inspected. If this is the case, the wax will have to be removed. It can be done through your GP surgery, although some surgeries are reluctant to offer this service. Alternatively there are commercially available wax removal lotions that can break down the blockage, or some third party companies provide a chargeable safe wax removal treatment using specialist suction equipment.

*Under 18's - Not all dealers are able to take ear impressions for people under the age of 18. Before purchasing please check with ACS dealers in your area. 

You can redeem your ear impression taking voucher at this store This store doesn't accept the ear impression taking voucher