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Maksim Mrvica
Maksim Mrvica
ACS Evolve Custom In-Ear Monitors
Croatian born pianist Maksim Mrvica is the biggest selling Classical – Crossover pianist in the world. Today Maksim is the biggest selling crossover pianist in the world. His albums have sold over 4 million copies in 57 countries world wide, reaching gold and platinum sales in many countries.
Matt Clifford
ACS Emotion Live! Custom In-Ear Monitors
Matt Clifford, a longtime musical collaborator of Sir Mick Jagger. Clifford plays keyboard in The Rolling Stones’ touring band, and first worked with Jagger and the group in 1989, when he played on the Steel Wheels album and world tour. He went on to become Jagger’s co-writer and producer on many projects, including the album Goddess In The Doorway. Earlier this year, the two musicians co-wrote Jagger’s solo singles England Lost and Gotta Get A Grip.
Steve Turner
Steve Turner
ACS Evolve Live! Custom & Live! Ambient Processor
"I've been using ACS products for well over 15 years, initially for hearing protection, and then for IEMs when I started touring with Kylie, my first 'silent stage' production. As a bonus, when I'm touring I now have the nifty little option to dial in from the belt pack a little of the 'ambiance' to bring back that feeling of actually being in the band, something that can be lost with in-ears."
Ashton Miranda
ACS Encore Studio Custom In-Ear Monitors
"Absolutely loving my ACS custom in-ear monitors. Serious quality and comfort."