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A range of replacement and add-on accessories for ACS products, including filters for earplugs.

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Coronavirus information: Our office re-opened as of 18th May with a reduce workforce, and we can now process and ship orders accessories as usual.



ACS Neck Cord

A replacement, detachable neck cord for your PRO Series Custom Earplugs. Please note: the cord can only be attached to earplugs that previously had the cord option.


ACS Comfort Cream

Replacement tube of comfort cream to aid insertion of your ACS custom earplugs or in-ear monitors into the ear.
Tube length: 6.4cm (approx). Contents: 3ml (approx).


ACS Wax Pick

Cleaning tool designed to remove wax or debris from your ACS product. Use regularly to ensure the tubes stay clear and prolong the life of your products.


ACS PRO Zip Pouch

Small soft zip pouch suitable for PRO earplugs and similar products. Slim and light with room to fit accessories inside.
Approximate dimensions: 10 x 7 x 2 cm.
This pouch replaces the previously available hard PRO zip case.


ACS IEM Zip Case

Large hard zip case suitable for In-Ear Monitors, PRO Communicators and Drivercoms, with sections for ACS accessories inside.
Approximate dimensions: 13 x 10 x 4cm.


ACS IEM 2 Pin Twist Stereo Cable

Replacement ACS 2-Pin Twist Stereo In-Ear Monitor Cable.


ACS IEM 5 Pin Twist Stereo Cable

Replacement ACS 5-Pin Twist Stereo In-Ear Monitor Cable.


ACS Linum Audio Cable

Replacement Linum® cable for our Studio series IEM's.
For use with ACS Evoke, Evolve & Encore Studio IEM's only (Compatible with Custom & Universal versions). Standard cable length is 1.1m total.


ACS Live! Series Audio Cable

Replacement audio cable for ACS Live! Series IEM's. This resilient cable features a 5 pin connector to the ear and 3.5mm jack to source. Standard cable length is 1.5m total. Compatible with ACS Live! Series IEM's only


ACS Live! Series Ambient Cable

Replacement Live! Series ambient cable, for connecting IEM's to the Ambient processor. This heavy duty cable features a 5 pin connector to ear and 12 pin to ambient pack. Standard cable length in total is 1.5 metres. Compatible with ACS Live! Series IEM's & ACS Ambient processor only.


VAMP Audio Adapter Cable

VAMP / Pilot spec communicator audio adapter cable. SMB - 3.5mm. Standard length is approx. 65cm. Should you require a specific length, please contact us before purchasing. This cable adapts the VAMP / Pilot spec communicator for use with mobile phones, laptops and any other audio devices with a standard 3.5mm jack.


ACS Revivo

The ACS Revivo is a portable, rechargeable electronic dehumidifier designed to remove harmful moisture and bacteria that can penetrate into any electronic devices worn in the ears.


ACS Revivo Desiccant 10 Pack

Replacement desiccant for use with the ACS Revivo electronic dehumidifier to help maintain optimum performance. Pack of 10.


3.5mm to 1/4″ Step-Up Adapter

3.5mm to 1/4″ step-up stereo plug for use in mixing desks and other amplified equipment.