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Our Custom In-Ear Monitors are made to fit your ears perfectly, providing a complete seal to prevent sound leakage and deliver the highest quality sound.

ACS Custom in-ear monitors are all about the high fidelity listening experience. Custom fit soft silicone ear moulds create a perfect seal and comfortable fit, combined with state of the art speakers, patent-pending and exclusive technology and our own proprietary crossovers to ensure you are hearing the music as it was intended to be heard.

NEW for 2017! Our redesigned cable and mounting system ensures excellent durability and gives the Custom IEM's a fresh new look.

NOTE: Custom IEM's require impressions of your ears to custom make them for a perfect fit.
The ear impression service is available throughout the UK and is provided free of charge when you purchase a custom-made product direct from ACS.
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Evoke In-ear Monitor system
    ACS Evoke Custom In-Ear Monitors

We have re-engineered our single driver In-Ear Monitor to take advantage of the latest technology available. Featuring our patent pending IRIS and SSI technology, the Evoke is a very capable entry level IEM with a sound belying its single driver configuration.

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Evolve In-ear Monitor system

ACS Evolve Custom In-Ear Monitors

The Evolve features a triple driver, 3-way crossover configuration delivering clear, well defined low end, incredibly detailed midrange and accurate highs with no harmonic distortion. To make things even better we have now introduced our exclusive SSI technology to the Evolve.

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Emotion In-ear Monitor system

ACS Emotion Custom In-Ear Monitors

The ACS Emotion is the newest addition to our Live! series product range. This 5 driver IEM delivers deep hard hitting bass, smooth balanced mids and crisp detailed highs. Featuring our exclusive SSI technology, the Emotion delivers a lush, articulate and balanced sound with incredible depth and clarity.

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