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  • Classic Series

    Classic Series

    The Classic Series continues to provide the same pro-audio high-fidelity listening experience developed from our T and Studio IEMs. This together with custom fit soft-silicone comfort. Find out more here!
  • Ambient Series

    Ambient Series

    Custom fit vented IEMs with a professional specification just got a whole lot better! Our Ambient series are the only precision tuned vented IEM on the market that feature a patented ambient filter. Find out more here!
  • Live! Series

    Live! Series

    Be more in control with high fidelity in-ear monitor sound quality and bespoke and comfortable fit. Plus the ability to actively hear your ambient surroundings at a level you can control. Find out more here!
  • PRO-Fit


    Versatility as well as incredible sound quality. Ready to use straight from the box or easily retro fitted to any ACS PRO Series custom earplugs to be instantly converted into a pair of custom fit IEMs. Find out more here!
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Emotion Live Custom IEM

Full bodied, hard hitting Live! ready IEM, maximise your IEM experience with our flagship Live! IEM.For info on Colour, Cable & Laser Etching options, see the 'Optional Extras' tab below.

Please be aware we do not recommend the Live! Series In-Ear Monitors and the Live! Ambient Processor for use whilst drumming.
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Emotion Live
Smoke Twist Cable
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ACS Revivo Portable Electronic Dryer & Sanitiser
ACS Revivo
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