Emotion Universal In-Ear Monitor

The ACS Emotion Universal gives you our in-ear monitor sound quality in an off-the-shelf earphone.

The ACS Emotion delivers a beautifully balanced sound signature that will never fail to delight those with an exquisite sensibility to music. Utilising ACS’s patent pending IRIS technology and SSI sound imaging solution, Emotion has a powerful, warm bass response, smooth and transparent midrange with exquisitely detailed highs all balanced to provide perfect harmony between you and your music. Emotion’s wide sound stage delivers an ambience that’s so immersive you’ll think that you’re at the live performance.

For a limited time offer and whilst stocks last, the Emotion Universal is half price. Was £799 now £399.


ACS PRO-Fit Earphones

COMING DECEMBER 2019 - One of the smallest, lightest in-ear headphones on the market whilst providing the highest levels of sound quality and isolation.

The PRO-Fit offers complete versatility as well as incredible sound. This single driver monitor gives remarkable accuracy with smooth bass response and sparkling highs. The PRO-Fit is ready to use straight from the box and comes with its own carry-case and a selection of interchangeable tips that can be used to get the best fit for your ear so you can enjoy crisp and clear monitoring.