Swim Plugs

Swim plugs from ACS give you a custom made seal that keeps water out of your ear whilst swimming.
ACS Swim Plugs

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ACS Swim Plugs
ACS Swim Plugs
ACS Swim Plugs

Our ears are sensitive to water and with repeated exposure can lead to infections or other complications. ACS Swim Plugs provide a soft, comfortable fit, and create a seal to keep water and bacteria from penetrating your ear canal, making water activities safe and enjoyable.

NOTE: Swim Plugs require impressions of your ears to custom make them for a perfect fit. The ear impression service is available throughout the UK and is provided free of charge when you purchase a custom-made product direct from ACS. Click here for more info.

Product Features
    • Approximately 24-26dB reduction of ambient noise
    • Built from 35 Shore medical grade floatable silicone finished with a hard wearing flexible lacquer 
    • Swim Plugs are made in as standard in left hand side: blue and right hand side: red floatable silicone.

Accessories Included
  • ACS Carry Case
  • ACS Comfort Cream
  • Care and Usage Instructions